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In addition to my professional experience in market research and digital marketing, I've had a strong personal interest in web development for a number of years. Besides this site I also created and maintain a site for my hobby interest in purebred dogs and a blog that combines my personal and professional interests. Being a bit of a geek at heart, I coded most of my sites using Macromedia's HomeSite editing software and have completed a course in Javascript. With the Adobe's decision to stop future development for HomeSite, I've started using Dreamweaver and am also a fan of WordPress for site creation. I belong to a number of dog and Toastmasters clubs and with the increasing influence of Facebook, have created pages and events for my clubs and have taught members of other clubs to do the same.

I also have a number of friends who create or own small business websites and it's come to my attention that these folks could benefit from web analytics, yet they don't have the time or inclination to implement and analyze these solutions. I started helping them out by implementing Google Analytics as well as other free tools to help them analyze and improve the performance of their sites.

Here's a sampling of some of the sites and Facebook pages that I created and maintain:

If you need some help or advice with your small business or club site, I'd be happy to help; contact me and let's talk about how I can help. If you're intersted in launching a Facebook page, check out my "Make our Club Shine on Facebook" presentation; which was presented at the Fall 2011 District 28 Toastmasters Conference. This presentation is a useful guide for any club or business that wants to learn more about promoting their group on Facebook.

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Updated January 2, 2012